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Air Conditioning Installation

If you're looking for a qualified Bay Area, CA, air conditioner installer who offers comprehensive AC service at a fair price, turn to the professionals of Infinium Air, Inc. We're an HVAC firm that's dedicated to excellence, and we install quality equipment. Let us help you choose a new cooling system made by trusted brands and designed to deliver years of reliable performance. We can also provide ongoing tune-ups to extend the life of your current unit. You'll be pleased by our punctuality, fast project completion, and written estimates.

Infinium Air, Inc is a trusted source of Bay Area, CA, air conditioner installers that's also recognized for exceptional products and services. We can help you save on energy costs while lowering expenses. With us, nothing's more important than your total satisfaction. Our hours are flexible, so please call today to arrange a visit.

Air Conditioning Company Serving Bay Area, CA

Infinium Air, Inc is a certified Bay Area, CA, air conditioner company with a team of specialists noted for providing excellent service at great prices. From ventilation cleaning to AC repair, we offer quality results. Our trained technicians are highly experienced and devoted to helping each client maintain an ideal temperature no matter the season. Keep your air equipment running properly and efficiently while avoiding major expenses by having us perform periodic service. We'll come out to inspect and test your system to ensure functionality.

When seeking a Bay Area, CA, air conditioner company that puts the needs of customers first, look no further than Infinium Air, Inc. We firmly believe that excellence, integrity, and honesty go together, which is why we're always reaching to surpass expectations. Learn how we can keep you comfortable all year by calling today.

Mini Split System Installation

The ductless mini-split air conditioning system is an excellent alternative for heating and cooling older homes with radiators or baseboard heaters. Ductless mini -split systems also solve the problem of cooling and/or heating a space when adding ductwork is impractical or too expensive. The combination of outdoor condenser and indoor air handler fits virtually anywhere. Better yet, this type of system is simple to install and economical to operate.

Our technicians have the tools and experience to install ductless mini-split systems, so why not put our knowledge to work for you? Call today to schedule your on-site estimate.


Heating System Installation

As your heating system ages, it can lose efficiency or stop working altogether. At Infinium Air, Inc, our goal is to offer quality heating system installation for all of our valued customers in Bay Area, CA. Whether you own a single family home or a larger building, we're here to design a heating solution that will best serve your needs.

At Infinium Air, Inc, we provide the highest level of quality in all of our heating system installation projects, and all jobs are performed by highly-experienced contractors you can trust. We also aim to keep our prices reasonable and affordable, and we offer a variety heating systems to suit your needs and budget.

Furnace services in Bay Area, CA

By having your furnace serviced on a regular basis, you may be able to avoid more extensive problems down the line. Since we're equipped to catch furnace problems early on, ongoing maintenance from Infinium Air, Inc could mean preventing a total malfunction at a later point in time. And if we do determine that your furnace is truly on its way out, we can work with you to have it replaced before the heating season kicks in.

Remember, your furnace wasn't designed to last forever, but you can keep yours running smoothly for longer with proper maintenance and repairs as necessary. To learn more about our furnace service packages, call Infinium Air, Inc today.

Ventilation System

When creating an energy-efficient, airtight home through air sealing techniques, it's very important to consider ventilation—the exchange of indoor air with outdoor air—to reduce indoor pollutants, moisture, and odors. Contaminants such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and radon can accumulate in poorly ventilated homes, causing health problems.

Excess moisture in a home can generate high humidity levels. High humidity levels can lead to mold growth and structural damage to your home.Our technicians have the tools and experience to install any type of ventilation system, so why not put our knowledge to work for you? Call today to schedule your on-site estimate.

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